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Regional analysis

The JMP produces periodic snapshots to summarize the status of water, sanitation, and hygiene at regional levels. Regional Excel tables are also available, which provide estimates for all countries in a region, an a format similar to the Country Files. These regional analyses are made for standard groupings such as SDG, WHO and UNICEF regions, as well as for other groupings. Customized regional analyses can be prepared upon request to the JMP team at


Sustainable Development Goal Regions

  • Australia and New Zealand: table
  • Central Asia and Southern Asia: snapshot table
  • Eastern Asia and South-eastern Asia: snapshot table
  • Latin America and the Caribbean: snapshot table
  • Northern America and Europe: table
  • Oceania excluding Australia and New Zealand: table
  • Sub-Saharan Africa: snapshot table
  • Western Asia and Northern Africa: snapshot table

WHO Regions

UNICEF Regions

  • East Asia & Pacific: snapshot table
    • Regional office analysis
  • Eastern & Southern Africa: snapshot table
  • Eastern Europe & Central Asia: snapshot table
  • Latin America & Caribbean: snapshot table
  • Middle East & North Africa: snapshot table
  • North America: table
  • South Asia: snapshot table
  • West & Central Africa: snapshot table
  • Western Europe: table