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JMP donors

The WHO/UNICEF JMP has an annual budget of $3-4 million and is extremely grateful for the financial support it receives from external donors and from within WHO and UNICEF. During 2023 the JMP received a total of US$2.9 million, compared with $1.7 million in 2022. By the end of 2023 development partners had already pledged $2.7 million for 2024 and smaller amounts for subsequent years up to 2026

In addition to the core support provided by WHO and UNICEF, the JMP would like to acknowledge the support of the following external donors over the past three years:

  • ADA (Austria)
  • AfD (France)
  • BMGF (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation)
  • BMZ (Germany)
  • DFAT (Australia)
  • DGIS (Netherlands)
  • EC (European Commission)
  • SDC (Switzerland)
  • UKFCDO (United Kingdom)
  • USAID (United States)

For further information see the JMP Annual Reports