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JMP team

The JMP Team

The JMP team consists of five full time professional staff and two part time administrative assistants. The JMP also employs short term consultants for specific tasks. The JMP is overseen jointly by the Coordinator of the Water, Sanitation, Hygiene and Health unit at WHO, the Chief of the Data and Analytics Section and the Chief of the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Section at UNICEF.

Current members of the JMP team

  1. Tom Slaymaker (Sr Statistics & Monitoring Specialist - WASH, UNICEF)
  2. Richard Johnston (Technical Officer - WASH, WHO)
  3. Ayca Donmez (Statistics & Monitoring Specialist, UNICEF)
  4. Jorge Bica (Statistics & Monitoring Specialist, UNICEF)
  5. Francesco Mitis (Technical Officer - Statistics, WHO)

The JMP team can be contacted at: