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Kenya 2024 Monitoring Safely Managed On-Site Sanitation (SMOSS) report

March 2024
Kenya 2024 SMOSS pilot report
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Brief summary

This report summarises findings from a pilot study in Kenya to develop methods for monitoring safe management of on-site sanitation (SMOSS). The SMOSS project is an initiative led by WHO/UNICEF JMP with funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Report highlights

The report summarizes the indicator development process, pilot data collection and recommendations from the SMOSS pilot in Kenya. The Annexes provide a  overview of the indicators, their definitions and calculation and guidance on how to use the data collection tools developed. The Kenya SMOSS pilot was a collaborative effort between Sanergy, Sanivation, the Ministry of Water, Sanitation and Irrigation (MoWSI) and UNICEF Kenya.

Report type
Monitoring category
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