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JMP 2023 country consultation for WASH in schools

November 2023
Brief summary

This guidance document is designed to support the country consultation on updated estimates produced by the JMP on drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene in schools in Q4 of 2023.

Report highlights

The country consultation should focus on the Data Summary tab of the draft Country File which lists those sources of data on drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene which have been collected to date. The consultation should focus on three main questions:

a. Is the country file missing any relevant national sources of data on drinking water, sanitation and hygiene in schools that would allow for a better estimate? (see the Annex below for guidance)

If the country file is missing any relevant sources of data, the JMP team will be grateful to receive these data and include them to update the estimates. For example, if data on usable (or functional) toilets are missing from the country file but available from national partners, these could potentially be used to calculate and report on the indicator for basic sanitation services. See the Annex below for data submission guidance.

b. Are the data sources listed considered reliable and suitable for use as official national statistics?

If any of the data sources listed in the Data Summary tab are not considered to be reliable and suitable for use in calculating the SDG indicators, please inform the JMP team. Data points can be excluded for global estimates if they are unsuitable, unreliable or simply incorrect.

c. Is the JMP interpretation and classification of the data extracted from national sources accurate and appropriate?

Finally, if the data extracted from the listed sources (shown in detail on the ‘Water Data’, ‘Sanitation data’, and ‘Hygiene data’ tabs) has not been accurately extracted or interpreted, please inform the JMP team. In some cases, data extracted might have been misinterpreted or misclassified by the JMP team, and therefore will require correction.

Results of the consultation should be shared with UNICEF country and regional offices, and copied to

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